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Friday, April 26, 2013

Our Children: A Low National Priority

Flight delays are a problem due to the sequester. Travelers have been angry and vocal in their objections. In response, the Senate has approved a fix to allow the FAA to juggle their funds in order to ease some of the delays.

The Maddow Blog commented,
When the sequester started kicking children out of pre-K, Congress did nothing. When this stupid policy denied low-income seniors the benefits of Meals on Wheels, Congress barely noticed. When sequestration cuts put new burdens on cancer patients and cut housing aid to struggling families, most of Congress shrugged its shoulders.

But when business travelers ran into flight delays on Monday, a unanimous Senate approved a fix without breaking a sweat on Thursday.
On this morning's Morning Edition on NPR one reporter said,
Kids in Head Start programs are not going to have the same effect on Congress as angry business travelers.
I'm all in favor of fixing the delays for travelers, but the weakest, most at-risk children in our nation are being ignored. Quite literally, the future adult citizens of our country are being punished for the economic failings of the current adult citizens.

Our nation's children need to be a higher priority.

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