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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ice Storm leftovers

The radiator that exploded...literally - pieces flew off...spewed its black gunk all over the living room.

Here is a picture of a spot of that gunk across the room over the couch.

Here's a lampshade which got in the way of the gunk.

Most of the house is put back together. Tuesday night Chad came over and put in our new faucet. How lovely it is!!!

Still to do:

Contact the phone company.
Figure out what to do about the "down" bathroom which is still backing up.
Gather more sticks.
Entertain the Insurance adjuster when he comes on Monday.


Meg said...

Lovely faucet, lovely time.

Schmoil said...

That faucet is breathtaking. Oh, and re: your previous post, I really love what that math teacher wrote.

kate said...

Awesome faucet put in by an awesome plumber!