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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ice Storm

On Friday morning, December 19, we were hit with an ice storm. The power went out at about 6 am.

We're still waiting for power, but the electric company is saying "Wednesday or later." No thaw till next weekend...so the danger of trees knocking down powerlines is still great.

Minor damage to the house...the phone wire was pulled down by a tree. It's still attached, but it pulled away from the house dragging some siding with it. A limb fell on our fence knocking some of it off.

Today I think, we need to go back and open the faucets a bit more to make sure that the water doesn't freeze in the pipes.

Ah...the joys of homeownership.

Some pics:

Neighbor's yard.

Kate said, "That's Arty" so I included this shot, too.

Redbud tree from the driveway.

Our redbud tree hanging precariously...

Same view...further back...

Tree limbs in the backyard...several more have already been dragged to the front.

Phone wire was pulled to the ground by a tree next door...and ripped siding off the house.

The top of the deck...right after the ice storm.


Anonymous said...

Some beautiful ice pix. -grin- The government, at least in this area, will not need a stimulus package because all the repair that needs to be done will probably boost the economy by itself.
Can't wait till the cold is over.

Schmoil said...

Yuck! You poor guys... I hope you get some relief soon!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Stu! That could be any of us! Beth